API Reference 1.0

Spotware Connect API Introduction

What Spotware Connect is

Spotware Connect is an open API that allows third-party service providers to leverage the cTrader suite of platforms.

The open API consists of two big parts:

  • Accounts API - allows you to get any info about Trading Account (e.g.: account details, trading & cash-flow history, available symbols, etc.)
  • Trading API - allows you to perform trading operations on behalf of Trading Account owner.

The API is open for everyone with no restrictions. It supports any trading account of any cTrader supported broker.

Terms of use

You can find the terms of use of Spotware Connect Open API here. To start using it you just have to apply for your own Partner's Credentials (OAuth Public Client ID and Client Secret, for more details see OAuth Services Description section of this guide).

To Apply for Partner's Credentials

To get your Partner Credentials and start using the Open API you have to create a new App:

  • Open the URL https://sandbox-connect.spotware.com
  • Log In/Create a new cTrader ID
  • Choose an item "Add a New App" from top right menu
  • Fill in fields for your app like on an example

    New App

  • After submitting the app you will see your credentials.

The Name, Description and Logo will be displayed to your users at the moment when they will be asked for permissions for their trading accounts by your service.

Sandbox API version

If you have just started your development with the Open API we strictly recommend you to do it with our Sandbox version of the API.

The Sandbox version is a fully-functional version of the API which is just a copy of the Live version. It was created to let you develop your product safely with no care about affecting anyone else.

Once you have finished your integration and would like to switch to the Live API please read the corresponding article "How to Go Live" of this guide.

See next chapter "Open API Reference: Getting Started" to learn how to start working with the Open API.