Going Live

Ready to go live?

This section describes how to go live with your product.

Since the integration with the sandbox open API environment has been done and fully tested you can go live. Live environment provides access to any account of any cTrader supported broker.

Go live in two quick steps.

Getting Live Partner's Credentials

To get your Live Partner's Credentials you should create a new App for live environment:

  • Open the URL https://connect.spotware.com
  • Log In/Create a new cTrader ID
  • Choose an item "Add a New App" from top right menu
  • Fill in fields for your app like on an example

    New App

  • Replace your Sandbox credentials with the new ones

  • We will activate your app shortly and you can use your App for live environment

Switch to Live API

Then you have to switch your product from sandbox to live API.

To to so you just have to reconfigure all API addresses removing "sandbox" word. E.g.:

  • https://sandbox-api.spotware.com turns to https://api.spotware.com,
  • https://sandbox-connect.spotware.com turns to https://connect.spotware.com,
  • sandbox-tradeapi.spotware.com:5032 turns to tradeapi.spotware.com:5032


Using Proxy Cloud

Trading API utilizes Spotware’s Proxy Cloud to ensure fast and smooth operation of your application. Currently the following proxies are offered.

  • tradeapi-de.spotware.com:5032 - Germany
  • tradeapi-fr.spotware.com:5032 - France
  • tradeapi-hk.spotware.com:5032 - Hong Kong
  • tradeapi-us.spotware.com:5032 - USA
  • tradeapi-uk.spotware.com:5032 - United Kingdom

Proxies for Trading API are offered around the globe for two reasons

  1. Reduce latency between your application and cServer
  2. Provide redundancy and fail-over in case of any node in the proxy network not responding in a timely manner

Therefore when developing your Trading API application, you are advised to adhere to the following best practices

  1. Use the proxy server that provides the fastest connection to the server from your current location.
  2. Implement a fail-over strategy to another proxy, in case of your main proxy server not responding in a timely manner.