Getting Started in C#

How to get started your own app in C#:

  1. Download C# classes generator from here: Protocol Buffers Gen

  2. Extract files to your local drive

  3. Download the latest version of Trading API .proto sources from our github repository: connect-protobuf-messages

  4. Put them to the same location you have extracted the files in step 2

  5. Execute ProtoGen.exe protofile.proto -output_directory=C:\output_folder --include_imports for all .proto files

  6. Copy newly generated files to your project. Alternatively you can create a class library project within your solution and copy the .cs files there.

  7. Link the .cs files to the project adding them to it and/or setting dependencies between your project and the proto library project (in case you have created the library). Add Reference of the Class Library project (if you have it) to your main project.

  8. Add Reference on "Google.ProtocolBuffers.dll" to the Class Library project (or your main project if you do not have the Class Library project)


  • "Google.ProtocolBuffers.dll" is usually located by path "{ProtoPackage}\Release\net40\".
  • {ProtoPackage} is the proto package location on your local drive where you extracted that to previously (step 2 above)
  • You can access the proto classes using "OpenApiLib" namespace.

Please find working sample projects on github: connect-csharp-samples Connect-API-ASPNet-Sample.

Just open and build it using MS Visual Studio 2013.