Test Environment

Test Environment

For testing purposes there are some previously generated access tokens which are connected with several demo accounts which can be accessed using Account Number/Password listed below. Those tokens can be used any time. No application needed. They can be used to start any integration with the cTrader platform immediately. There are no differences in comparison with production version. Here are some examples of the API functions (Content services) mentioned above.

Request URL
cTrader ID profile https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/profile?oauth_token=test002_access_token
Request for Trading Accounts, linked with cTrader ID https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/tradingaccounts?oauth_token=test002_access_token
Request for Trading Deals https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/tradingaccounts/89214/deals?oauth_token=test002_access_token
Cash flow operations history (deposit/withdraw) https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/tradingaccounts/89214/cashflowhistory?oauth_token=test002_access_token
Pending orders https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/tradingaccounts/89214/pendingorders?oauth_token=test002_access_token
Opened positions https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/tradingaccounts/89214/positions?oauth_token=test002_access_token
Symbols available to trader https://sandbox-api.spotware.com/connect/tradingaccounts/89214/symbols?oauth_token=test002_access_token

The following access tokens are available for tests and API investigation tasks:

Access token Expiration
test001_access_token unexpired
test002_access_token unexpired
test003_access_token unexpired
test004_access_token unexpired

Following test cTrader ID accounts have been created to be available for investigation of the API:

Email Nickname Password
connect@spotware.com ConnectID CwMJS81A

You can log in with the cTrader ID, and/or create your own one using the following sandbox instances of cTrader Web:

Preferred browser is Chrome or Firefox.

Using same applications you can create your test DEMO accounts.